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Support Provided for Mammoth Site

“The Mammoth Site would like to give a Mammoth Thank You to the South Dakota Community Foundation for the grant award of $20,000 to allow us the ability to make our wholly unique working paleontological bonebed more accessible to our 100,000 plus annual visitors, said Presston Gabel, Business Manager/COO, Mammoth Site of Hot Springs. “The new wider stairs as well as the elevator will allow our visitors far more freedom in learning about the Ice Age and what South Dakota was like over 140,000 years ago. Without the help of the South Dakota Community Foundation, this project would not have been completed. So again, on behalf of our staff and our Board of Directors, I would say thank you to the South Dakota Community Foundation.” 
The Mammoth Site’s sinkhole building was fully enclosed in 1984. Since that time not only have the laws concerning the tour pathway width and accessibility been rightfully adjusted but the amount of visitation to The Mammoth Site has dramatically increased to over 100,000 people on an annual basis. The existing staircase in the bonebed was demolished with a wider set of stairs and an elevator added to permit people with mobile disabilities to proceed up or down along the tour route within the bonebed. 
“The South Dakota Community Foundation is proud to partner with the Mammoth Site of Hot Springs as they work to make their facilities easily accessible to both tourists and locals”, said Ginger Niemann, SDCF Senior Program Officer. “The Mammoth Site has become a “must visit” site in the southern Black Hills and wields a huge economic impact for that area.”  
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