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Fall and Winter 2021 Projects

Conducting active research at The Mammoth Site is all about collaboration with colleagues around North America. Clearly the main focus is all about Mammoths and the Bonebed right here at The Mammoth Site.

•    Geology and the Chronology of the Bonebed is coming along with the work of Shannon Mahan (USGS, Denver). We are now getting ready to do more detailed work on the aging of the various layers.
•    Our two new preparators (May 2021; Alex G. and Tabatha G.) are working intensely on preserving mammoth bones but also removing the old preservative from the 70s and 80s and replacing with new material that will not shrink or discolor with time.
•    The new Prep Lab is still being out fitted with new prep and safety equipment by Alex and Tabatha.
•    Olga P. will continue with cataloging all the fossil and comparative collections now being housed at The Mammoth Site.
•    Sharon W. (Curator) and Tasha A. (Assist Supervisor) in the 3-D Lab continue to 3-D scan and print research specimens, education and outreach specimens, contract work, and gift shop items. Our 16 printers are operating 24/7 now.
•    Jim and Jonathan H. (Santa Barbara Mus Nat Hist) hope to complete their study of a transitional mammoth from the Channel Islands, CA.
•    Rich W. (Research Associate, Mammoth Site) and Jim are finishing up manuscripts on the fossil capybara from San Diego, CA with Tom D. (San Diego Mus Nat Hist) and Térapa, Sonora, Mexico (with Arturo B., U of AZ).
•    Greg McDonald (retired Bureau of Land Management) will visit and work with Jim, Sandy S. (Research Associate, Mammoth Site), and Sharon W. on sloth remains from both South Dakota and Térapa, Sonora, Mexico.
•    Sandy and Jim will finish the Miocene salamander work from northern New Mexico with Gary M. (NMx Mus Nat Hist) and Phil G. (Bureau of Land Management).
•    Sandy, Jim, and Chris J. (Royal Alberta Mus) continue lab and manuscript work on faunas from Black Hill caves: Persistence Cave and Parker’s Pit.  Collaboration is with Rolfe M. (Kansas Geol Survey) and Black Hills Forest Service continue.
•    Sandy, Jim, Chris J., and Steve E. (U North Carolina Wilmington), and Larry C. (U of Utah) continue work on multiple cave faunas from the Snake Range, eastern Nevada, Great Basin.  This is year 3 of 8 planned.
•    Olga will publish her 100 page booklet on the frozen mammoths from the permafrost, Siberia and Alaska.
•    Sandy, Sharon, Jim along with Jeff M. and Rachel S. (SD Southern U) continue to work on the bison and microfauna from the Snake River Bison Site, MN.
•    Jim and Jim Martin finalize their manuscript on the earliest bovid to the Western Hemisphere.
•    Rich W. will continue his work on the fossil pronghorns of the USA and northern Mexico.
•    Rich W. and Jim continue the manuscript production about Ice Age vertebrates from northern Sonora, Mexico.