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Mammoth Site Virtual Learning

Mammoth Site Virtual Programming

The Mammoth Site has been taking strides to become a world-renown education and research institution and offers a wide variety of projects and programs.

Experience The Mammoth Site from Anywhere!

Unable to bring your class or group to The Mammoth Site? Let us bring The Mammoth Site to you!

The Mammoth Site Education Department has new virtual programming designed to bring science and the scientists of our museum to your computer. 

Virtual Programming Topics:

  • What makes a mammoth a mammoth?
  • Where did mammoths come from and where did they go?
  • Geologic Time
  • The story of The Mammoth Site and more!

To schedule your virtual class or to learn more about our new virtual classes and pricing, please contact our Science Educator Seth at or call 605-745-6017.