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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Who owns The Mammoth Site?

    The Mammoth Site is a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization that is an Educational and Scientific Research Institution that is funded by tourism, memberships, donations and grants from Corporate and Family Foundations. The Mammoth Site is governed by a Board of Directors.

  2. Is The Mammoth Site outside?

    The Mammoth Site is an indoor working paleontological dig site that is in a climate controlled building.

  3. How many fossil bones are in the sinkhole?

    Over 1,200; the number includes fragments and bones not completely excavated.

  4. Why don’t you dig year round?

    Fossils are unearthed during each Mammoth Site Excavation and Preservation Program and it takes the rest of the year to preserve, identify, sort and catalog the fossils.

  5. Why can’t I touch the bones?

    The fossils are not petrified or turned to stone. The geological conditions at the Site did not allow the bones to petrify so they are very brittle and can only be handled by trained professionals.

  6. I want to dig today…..why can’t I?

    People who excavate are part of The Mammoth Site Excavation and Preservation Program or through the Road Scholars Program and have been trained by our team of Scientists.

  7. My Children want to dig and be Jr. Paleontologists, but we didn't make our reservations in time. Why don’t you have more Jr. Paleontology dig opportunities?

    During June and July the Junior Paleontologist Excavations are done four times a day and in August the Junior Paleontologist Excavations are done twice daily. These classes our taught by our Summer Educational Interns, who leave in August to go back to college to complete their coursework. We offer as many classes as we can and these classes do fill quickly. We encourage visitors to make advance reservations to participate in these program.