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High School and Middle School Mammoth-in-a-Trunk Kits

In addition to the traveling kits available to primary school teachers, The Mammoth Site offers kits geared toward middle and high school students as well. These kits teach students about osteology – the science of bones. The students will learn how much you can tell about an animal from its skeleton, particularly its jaws and teeth. At the end of this activity, students get to use the silicon tooth-surface molds to make plaster tooth replicas. Their final challenge is to apply what they learned earlier in the lesson to identify the animal the tooth came from. The materials provided in the kit are extensive – for the complete list, click here.

The best part of all this is that the kit is free – the kits are part of our education program. All you have to do is provide a check for the value of the kit ($500), or a credit card number to put on file and we’ll send one right out. Once the kit comes back (you pay postage), we tear up the check, or shred the credit card number. Contact Dr. Sharon Holte, Director of Education at for more info, to order a kit, or to reserve a kit for a future date.